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The gadgets of 2023

We stay in the AR/VR area to discuss the headset. We don't know anything officially, but there are rumors that a mixed reality headset is in the works, which could play fully virtual content, but also a mix of virtual placed on a real frame. The latest rumors indicate that the presentation of this headset has been postponed to the second half of 2023.

Laptops with New Processors

Let's change the subject a bit and talk about laptops. If you are thinking of buying a laptop soon you better wait because there are some interesting models coming out from all the big manufacturers. The 2023 models will be equipped with new processors, which means that we will be able to buy laptops with powerful video cards and processors. At the same time, you can choose from several models with classic OLED or IPS displays but with higher refresh rates for competitive gaming.

New TVs

Until recently, you had a choice between LED or OLED TVs. Now you also have a new option called QD-OLED that combines LED and OLED technology and hopes to bring out the best of each.
Another interesting technology for TVs as well as monitors is the Mini-LED because it offers a much better contrast than a regular LED due to the higher concentration of LEDs, a much smaller bleeding and halo effect in high contrast areas offering a high brightness and a high refresh rate.

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